Domain structure

The phenomena discussed on this site have been divided into domains, based on a grouping of the phenomena which are to be explained. This is primarily for clarity of presentation. Secondarily, it makes it easier to determine the knock on effects of a lemma having to be withdrawn or  substantially altered, or, from the perspective of an individual visitor to this site, being doubted or dismissed. You can agree on some of the phenomena but totally reject others, without calling all of QO in to doubt. For example, QO does not collapse if you deny the phenomena, and hence the explanations, of the domain of religion, or biology, or both.

The domains are as follows:

  1. the Core domain: the basic concepts of existence, quantum mechanics, time, and natural law
  2. Mathematicswhy mathematics works, and what that tells us about the nature of the universe
  3. Physicsspace, particles, symmetry, gravity and motion
  4. Cosmology: the origins of the universe, background radiation, the expansion of the universe, the topology of the universe
  5. Biologylife and evolution
  6. Philosophy: how to avoid nonsense, why reductionism fails, why the universe is knowable, what is credibility?
  7. Religionwhat can QO tell us about God (presuming He exists), good and evil.