The QO community

Submitted by jhwierenga on Thu, 07/26/2018 - 16:17

QO is big. So big that no one person is likely to have all the insights, knowledge and skills that are required in order develop the theory to a point at which it can be published in scientific journals. And even if it were possible for one person to develop all of QO, it would be irresponsible to do so, because that would result in the world having to wait too long for it. That's why the QO community has been instituted. The community is a group of people dedicated to expanding the QO knowledge base, to the point where it can be published in academic journals. Become part of it! 

To become part of the QO community, you must register. Once your registration has been approved, you will be able to post comments. The following sorts of comments are particularly useful in expanding the QO knowledge base:

  1. Source the ideas: The QO claim to originality applies to the recipe, not the ingredients. Most of the ideas on this site have been advanced before, in some form or another. Identify the original source of an idea and document that as comment on the page on which you encounter it.
  2. Score the explanations: Use the scoring criteria of the Occam method to identify the strong and weak points of explanations provided on this site. Add your scoring as a comment on the relevant page.
  3. Compare and confront the explanations with those of mainstream science : Use the scoring criteria of the Occam method to compare the QO explanations with those of mainstream science. Add this as a comment on the page which discusses the phenomena concerned. 
  4. Identify weaknesses: Quite possibly a page contains errors in reasoning, mistaken facts, and/or does not properly account for relevant phenomena. Document such weaknesses in a comment on the relevant page. Note that a divergence from mainstream science is not of itself a weakness. That mainstream science explains things reasonably well does not mean that other explanations are impossible. For there to be a weakness, there has to be a contradiction between QO and either itself, the laws of logic or experimental evidence.
  5. Suggest improvements: An improvement could consist of a sounder argument and/or an alternative explanation which is preferable according to the Occam method.

It is expected that any substantial work in developing QO will need to be done offline, via email, fora and face to face contact. If you are prepared to contribute substantially, please indicate that when you register.

QO is a crowdsourcing project, in the broadest sense of the term. Sourcing begins with sharing. You can contribute by just sharing the ideas with anybody and any magazine or site that you think should be interested. Note that if you publish any material from this site, you are obliged to mention where you got it from, in such a way that you may reasonably expect your readers and listeners to make the connection.