Submitted by jhwierenga on Thu, 07/26/2018 - 16:13

As far as we can tell, life has existed at all places and times in which the conditions that favour it have been satisfied. Life is no accident.  In the domain Biology we explore how QO accounts for life, and why these explanations are to be preferred above those of mainstream science.

Mainstream science's explanations of the phenomenon 'life' are full of gaps and impossibly improbable accidents, particularly when it comes to explaining how radically new phenomena emerge suddenly, but nevertheless more or less complete, from the old.

QO provides a credible and entirely natural account as to why we observe life everywhere and at every time that conditions that are favourable to it exist or have existed, without at any stage having to rely on impossibly improbable events or the necessity to explain away the absence of missing links or failed attempts. It also accounts quite naturally for altruism.

Your exploration of the QO view on biology can start with the QO explanation for life.