About this site

This site, quantumoccam.net, is dedicated to the exploration of the consequences of the quantum occam (QO)  hypothesis: the hypothesis that the universe started off with just a single quantum and its behaviour popping out of absolute nothingness. From this single quantum mathematics, physical concepts, the laws of nature and physical things have evolved, solely by means of observed quantum mechanical processes. When we study present day phenomena, consideration as to how they may have evolved from absolute nothingness helps us to understand them better, much as the perception that flora and fauna have evolved from a single cell helps us to understand living things.

The site was conceived, designed and developed by JH Wierenga. It is intended as an initial exploration of the consequences of the QO hypothesis, not as the last word on them. Those who read it as gospel are taking it too seriously. Although all content on this site is intended to provoke thought, not all of it has been developed with the same intention and hope of getting close to a sustainable explanation. Indeed, some of the content is slightly mischievous. If you don't like it, conduct your own exploration, and tell us what you discover.

And if you do like it, please help to flesh out the ideas which this site can do no more than sketch. Participate in the QO crowd sourcing project, conducted by the QO community, which you are cordially invited to join.