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The first quantum system and its behaviour popped into existence out of absolute nothingness.

Phenomenon explained :

"There is something, rather than nothing".The most fundamental challenge to science is to find an answer to the question "Why is there something, rather than nothing?". Science can not cop out on this question by responding that the universe has apparently always existed, for two reasons. Firstly, the universe has every appearance of having started from something very, very small. Secondly, the question "Why has the universe always existed?"  is then on the table, and this question is just another way of asking why there is something.

Absolute nothingness. No time, no space, no matter or energy. Not even an absence of these, for the very notion of ‘something’ is utterly alien to the nothingness. No darkness, for the absence of light can only said to have meaning if there is such a thing as light, and there isn’t. Nor any other meaning either, for meaning presumes something to attach meaning to. Really nothing, not even a nothing with the propensity to become something. Nor even any rules or natural order, for they must apply to the notion of something. The number zero is non-existent, as are all other numbers, or any mathematics, or anything else we might consider to be beyond time and place, for that would imply meaning. Nothingness, nowhere there, logically prior to reason and cause. Absolute nothingness.

Yet, out of that absolute nothingness came something. It couldn’t have and it shouldn’t have, and it did. When? – not in time, for absolute nothingness knows no time, even such basic temporal concepts as the past, the present and the future are meaningless. How? – that is forever unknowable. Why? – that is a meaningless question, for in absolute nothingness there is neither cause nor effect. But it did, because otherwise we would not be here to ponder it. It did, there is something. 

What? – that is what QO is all about. What?: just a single  2 state quantum system, together with the rules that quantum systems obey, that is all. From this beginning, the whole universe came to be.

The rules are not unimportant. They determine the QO concept of natural law and the QO concept of time. These two ingredients are fundamental to QO.

Have other universes emerged from the nothingness? If so, they are by definition totally unobservable, they cannot affect us in any way whatever, ever. Therefore there is no point in thinking about them. Like it or not, our universe is the only universe that we will ever experience.

It is a beautiful universe!

Credibility analysis

This explanation requires a mechanism by means of which the first quantum system and its behaviour popped into existence out of absolute nothingness. The existence of such a method is a paradox, as nothing comes from nothing. It is complex, because not only the initial quantum system, but also the behavior of quantum systems must have come into existence. However, any other explanation must involve an unbounded paradox, which is two notches worse on the Occam Scale. That makes this explanation operationally credible