Key findings: the core of QO

Submitted by jhwierenga on Mon, 07/30/2018 - 07:00

Genesis: The universe started when first quantum system and its behaviour popped into existence out of absolute nothingness. 

The quantum universe: The universe consists solely of quantum systems. Quantum mechanics applies equally well to information as to things, even though information of itself has no physical existence, i.e. has no spatial location. The universe is a single quantum system, consisting of a hierarchy of countless quantum systems.

Information and physical quanta are entangled: Information expresses itself in physical quanta, which are entangled with the information. This entanglement is a two-way street: if the information changes, so do the physical quanta, and vice-versa.

Time is fundamental to the universe: Time is the dimension along which quanta and quantum systems are subject to change. It came into existence with the first quantum system, long before space.

The universe has zero energy:  If the universe is the result of persistent quantum fluctuations, it follows that it contains zero energy.  For according to  the uncertainty principle, energy and time of a quantum fluctuation are related by the relation

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where  hbar is a Plank's constant divided by 2 pi.

It follows that an energetically neutral quantum fluctuation will persist forever, and any other quantum fluctuation will persist for only a very short time. Therefore the only way that a universe can be created from quantum fluctuations is for it to be energetically neutral.

Phenomena are naturally interconnected: Natural law, including mathematical order, consists of the uniformity of behaviour which results from the universe containing the same information only once. It is produced when ontically autonomous concepts get together and produce a resonating whole. This mechanism results in a universe characterized by interconnectedness between phenomena.

Symmetry is fundamental to natural law: Symmetry derives from the way in which natural order quantum systems are produced, namely that a natural order quantum system splits into child quantum systems. These child quantum systems each inherit the properties of the parent, and differ symmetrically from the parent for some additional property type. 

The universe is fine-tuned for life as a result of natural purpose: If you enclose a quantum system with another quantum system that will only interact with the first under certain specific conditions, the first system will resonate until those conditions are reached. This is the mechanism by means of which natural law developed in such a manner as to make the universe fine-tuned for life. All possible universes were virtually present in the formative stage of our universe. From these, a universe capable of supporting life was selected to become real. This purposeful process is inherent to the nature of the universe, and requires no external agency or purpose in order to proceed.