Interconnectedness is the interrelation between phenomena that derives from ontically autonomous natural order quanta getting together to produce a resonating and persistent whole.

The QO concept of natural law

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Natural law consists of the uniformity of behaviour which results from the universe containing the same information only once. 

Phenomenon explained : "There is natural law".

The most fundamental property of our universe is that it is subject to natural law. In other words, it behaves consistently, at least as far as we can tell. Any coherent theory of everything will need to account for the following:

Key findings: the core of QO

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Genesis: The universe started when first quantum system and its behaviour popped into existence out of absolute nothingness. 

The quantum universe: The universe consists solely of quantum systems. Quantum mechanics applies equally well to information as to things, even though information of itself has no physical existence, i.e. has no spatial location. The universe is a single quantum system, consisting of a hierarchy of countless quantum systems.