Why this site?

We need a fresh start

Modern science has two separate rule books describing how nature works. General Relativity describes the operation of gravity, and Quantum Mechanics describes how electromagnetism and the two nuclear forces work. Each of them is extremely adept at describing and predicting the phenomena with which it is concerned. However, these rulebooks are fundamentally incompatible with each other. They cannot both be true.

Despite the best efforts of scientists over the past 100 years, there is no immediate prospect of this conflict being resolved. Perhaps that is because scientists ignore Einstein's adage that a problem cannot be solved by the thinking that produced it. An elaboration of General Relativity to include Quantum Mechanics, or vice versa, will not do the trick. A fresh start is required. That is what this site is about. It unifies General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics by starting from first principles.

Our fresh start makes sense

This site presents a fresh hypothesis, based on the premise that the universe came into existence out of absolute nothingness and therefore must be fundamentally simple. All complexity is the result of evolution from this beginning. As Darwin demonstrated, the more complex the phenomena to be explained, the simpler we should expect the underlying mechanisms to be.

Our fresh start works

This site shows that this hypothesis allows us to derive both General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics, using a concept of time from which the time concepts of both rule books can be derived.

Our fresh start uses only recognized ingredients

It is easy to explain things when you allow your fantasy to conjure whatever constructions are required, but much harder when you limit yourself to phenomena that have actually been observed and documented. Our hypothesis uses only recognized ingredients. It is the recipe which is new, not the ingredients.

Our fresh start is productive

Our hypothesis delivers, as a byproduct,  new insights into the realms of mathematics, physics, cosmology, biology and philosophy. That makes it an extraordinarily productive premise.

For example, it embodies a theory of space which enables galactic rotation curves to be accounted for naturally and simply, without recourse to devices such as dark matter.

We need your help

The potential of our hypothesis to account for and help understand phenomena is so great that it would be impossible for a single individual to do justice to it. Please join our community and explore that potential with us.