We say that situation A causes situation B if:

  1. Situation A has occurred
  2. Situation B has subsequently occurred, as determined in universal quantum time
  3. Situation B would not have occurred if situation A had not occurred.
  4. Given that situation A occurred, situation B was bound to occur.

Note that in this definition we make no principial distinction between material quanta and natural law quanta, for if the universe is a quantum computer, there is no difference. In practice, it is a very useful simplification to take natural law quanta as a given and exclude them from an analysis of causality. 

The universe as a quantum computer

Submitted by JH Wierenga on Sat, 09/08/2018 - 13:45
The universe is a quantum computer, in which each degree of freedom of a quantum contained in the universe corresponds to a unique register containing a single qbit. All change in the universe is the result of computations in this computer. The universe we observe is the user display of this computer, in much the same way as the screen of an ordinary computer displays information contained in it.