The Trinity

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 The Trinity is the first diversification of the original quantum 

Phenomenon explained :

"The diversity of God"The demarcation between monotheism and polytheism is not as clear as most of us imagine. Polytheists maintain that each and every god is a manifestation of a unity, and monotheists discern distinct loci of behaviour within their one God. In the Christian tradition, the Bible is understood to present God as manifesting Himself in three persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and at the same time affirming that God is One.

How the One can be more than one

In QO, the first quantum produces new quanta, which emanate from it and are at the same time present in it. Some of these quanta embody natural law, and others are space or are located in space. But it is not strictly necessary, or even to be expected, that the first quanta emanating from the One are like that. They may very well be quanta in which the One becomes diverse as a being. Such a development aligns naturally with the Christian tradition, in which there is one God, and within that one God the three persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

In this lemma, we sketch how such a diversification may have turned out. In order to avoid endless  theological discussions up front, we label the persons differently. Just as we speak of the One in order to avoid having to handle the baggage of millennia of theological discussion at every statement, so we refer in this lemma to the Purpose,  the Love and the Consciousness. Read it first, and work out whether the sketch resembles your God afterward.

The primal thoughts

To say that the One knows countless thoughts is not to say that each thought is of equal rank. Three thoughts unite the One, and bind all the others together. Three primal thoughts determine the harmony and balance within the One . The first of these is the thought of Purpose ; this thought creates. The second thought is the thought of Love , which is the basis of the acceptance of all that is, both within and outside of the One. The third is the thought of Consciousness.

Note that the existence of three primal thoughts does not mean that the One is three. The One is one, pure and simple. And the One is a 1 followed by one hundred and twenty zeroes, or some other such stupendous number which indicates the number of thoughts in the One, if indeed there is any limit to them. We can also say that the One is 777, but that is not a numerical statement, merely a symbolical way of saying that the One is complete in all senses. But the One is not three, for although the primal thoughts focus all the others, they do not contain them. 

The Purpose

Purpose is meaning, it is goal, it is direction. Purpose drives expression. Purpose is creative; it wills the new into being. Purpose is beauty and truth - there is both beauty and truth whenever something within the universe fulfils its purpose. Purpose is science, it is mathematics and logic, it is natural laws. To Purpose we owe it that our world is predictable and therefore liveable. It is thanks to Purpose that our senses can be trusted - if not at all times directly, then yet in the ways that they deceive us. Purpose upholds and maintains the universe in the truth. To Purpose we owe it that matters which we deem to be unrelated can surprise us with hidden connections. Purpose decrees that one thought joined to another opens up a vista, and the addition of a third opens up a world. In other words, Purpose results in the evolution of higher purposes. Purpose is will, and power, and strength. Purpose is coherence, structure and order. Purpose is faith.

The Love

Love is participation, it is appreciation, it is joy. Love is the perception that that which is expressed is good. Love transforms differences into harmony, notes into music, and variety into beauty. Love is giving, it becomes a part of that which is expressed. Love is passion: it is desire and enjoyment both. Love is society. It is the way a mother holds her baby, the way a man looks at a woman and sees what others do not, it is giving and not counting the cost. To Love we owe it that we know that we are of value, regardless of our failures and regardless of our successes. Through Love, relationships are bonds, for better and for worse. Love is cooperation. Therefore, Love and life are inseparable; the essence of life is cooperation amongst cells, and the greater the variety of cells and the more they are interwoven, the more abundant the life.

The Consciousness

Consciousness is awareness, it is knowing, it is perception. Consciousness understands that which is expressed. Consciousness connects the parts to the whole, it sees the unity in the diversity. Consciousness itself is distinct and separate from that which is expressed, it recreates it within Himself. Consciousness is arts, it is communication and inspiration. It is memory, it ties the past to the present. Consciousness is anticipation, the ability to see the future in the present. Consciousness is hope. Consciousness sees things as they truly are. It determines the essence of that which is observed, it distinguishes what it is of itself and what it is by context. Consciousness is self reflection, it is humour, it is the ability to compare the actual with the expected; it is laughter, including the ability to laugh about one’s self.

The unity of the three

The three can be distinguished, but not separated from one another. The Purpose and the Love owe their consciousness to the Consciousness. The Consciousness and the Love owe their purpose to the Purpose. The Purpose and the Consciousness join in the love of the Love. The three primal thoughts are interdependent. Without Consciousness, there can be no Love; without Love, Purpose would lose His way; without Purpose, there is nothing to love and nothing to be conscious of. Love is the crown to Purpose, and Consciousness is the power that holds it there. Love is the fruit of Purpose and Consciousness, Purpose unites Consciousness to Love, and Consciousness is the means by which Love appreciates Purpose. The three join together, losing nothing of what they are separately, in complete desire and complete fulfilment. The One and the three each are complex in many, many senses, and yet have a unity that is far greater than the diversity. Each of them is conscious. So is the One a personal being, as are each of the three, and each of us.  The three are focal, not just to the One, but also to the expression of the One in the All. The Purpose of the One is the source of all purposes within the universe. The Love of the One enjoys the universe. The Consciousness of the One perceives the universe and the One.


There is no meaning that can be attached to the statement that the three primal thoughts are equal in rank or importance. It is just as when electrical power induces a light bulb to shine: to maintain that the power, the light bulb and the light which the bulb produces are in any way commensurate is the purest nonsense, for there is no frame of reference in which they can be compared. All notions of the equality of the three are Greek accretions, devoid of a Biblical basis and totally unnecessary.


This explanation is speculative, but no less credible than mainstream Christian explanations. That makes it tentatively credible.