Key findings: Religion

Submitted by jhwierenga on Mon, 08/20/2018 - 18:46

A conscious, purposeful, good  and omnipresent God probably existsThe original quantum system may be expected to have all the properties Christians commonly attribute to God. His operation in the universe is consistent with Jewish conceptions of how names influence that which arises from them.

God is neither perfect nor imperfect. Perfection is a meaningless word, because it contains contradictions. It may not be used in rational arguments.  By the same token, God is neither almighty nor not almighty, and is in no sense infinite.

God is innocent of all evil. God is light, and in Him is no darkness at all. He created man to be free of the knowledge of good and evil, just as He Himself is free of that knowledge. Evil originated by accident, and cannot be known by God, because it does not emanate from Him. God is objectively good.

God is the solution for evilTo deal with evil, God had to learn what it was, by descending into His creation. Having thus 'got a fix' on evil, He took it with Him into death, and so became able to unravel the evil from the good.  This will happen to us too when we die. Effectively, only the good will persist, and all the evil in us with wither and shrivel into nothingness. Therefore, only the good is worth doing.

God is One and God is ThreeThe One is the original quantum system, in which all that has emanated from it is present. The Three are the first emanation from the One, and exhibit the cyclic differentiation which is needed to make a 3-way quantum system split stable.

You will live eternally, without being bored You will live endlessly in proper time, and finitely in experienced time. As experienced time progresses, higher stages of being will succeed each other ever more rapidly in experienced time. As a result, the universe will appear to end with a cosmic climax. The world will end with a bang, not a whimper.